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Family Violence Prevention

Family Violence Prevention

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Engaging Migrant Men          Hombres Unidos

To address the unique needs of migrant sufferers of domestic violence, Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) has developed and participated in a variety of domestic violence prevention and intervention projects, some of which are highlighted below:

Family Violence is a public health issue affecting families of all races, classes, and ethnic origins.  In 1994, MCN began their Family Violence Prevention Initiative offering varied programs and resources to end familial and interpersonal violence in the migrant and immigrant community.  Through clinical and community interventions, MCN offered these cultural specific programs and resources to address the barriers/risk factors that migrant and immigrant women face, which include:

  • Isolation (may not have access to a telephone or transportation)
  • Language barriers
  • Cultural issues
  • Lack of access to health care and domestic violence services
  • Immigration/citizenship status
  • Economic constraints

MCN has centered its programs and resources around relationships and family building interventions. These focus on protective factors specific to this population to foster primary prevention within the community.  Through a core set of values shared by most Latinos that promote positive behavior, MCN has guided curriculum development to promote positive attitudes and behavior which serve as protective factors against violence perpetration. These values include:

  • Placing family needs above ones own (familismo)
  • Cooperating with others through teamwork (colectivismo)
  • Respecting authority figures (Respeto)
  • Valuing interpersonal relationships more than material gain or status (Personalismo)