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Ventanillas de Salud

Ventanillas de Salud

MCN, VdS, and Mexican Consulate staff

Conferencia anual de mujeres 2023

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Ventanilla de Salud (VdS) is a network of health outreach programs operating out of each of the Mexican Consulates in the US. Migrant Clinicians Network has been a longtime advisor to the entire VdS network and the fiscal agent of three VdS offices in Texas: Austin, Del Rio, and Eagle Pass. Through this work, MCN hopes to increase access to health care and health education for recent migrants and immigrants to the US through technical assistance and coordination. At each of the three VdS offices, an MCN coordinator organizes regular health fairs and other health service events by partnering with local health organizations, so that locals can access no-cost vaccination and other preventative and screening services in Spanish and at a location with which they are familiar. Each VdS office can enroll migrating patients in Health Network as needed. MCN also offers its expertise in health education and technical assistance, with workshops and webinars. For example, in 2021, VdS Austin hosted a webinar on mental health during COVID-19, with Witness to Witness. MCN additionally lends support and technical assistance to annual Binational Health Week activities, in which VdS offices host numerous health events tailored to their communities. Through MCN, the VdS offices in Austin, Del Rio, and Eagle Pass host a monthly virtual Charla de mujeres, where women learn from leading local experts on health issues of the day and connect and network. This work culminates in the annual Women’s Conference, which occurs in Austin, Texas. Sign up for the Charla de mujeres, learn about upcoming conferences, health fairs, and other educational and health-related activities at the social media pages of each of the VdS sites, below.

VdS office locations in Texas

Ventanilla de Salud, Austin

In 2017, MCN assisted in the launch of the VdS in Austin and has since acted as the fiscal agent.  In partnership with Austin Public Health and local health organizations, the VdS Austin offers access to no-cost vaccination inside the Mexican Consulate offices. VdS also offers health education and other services through regular health fairs at the Consulate.

Connect with VdS Austin on Facebook:

Ventanilla de Salud Austin is within the Consulate General of Mexico in Austin, Texas:

5202 East Ben White Blvd, ste 150

Austin, TX 78741


Roxana Pineda, MPH, Ventanilla de Salud Coordinator and Health Network Associate

Jimena De Leija, Promotora Ventanilla de Salud Austin

MCN Office: (512) 579-4559 or VdS Office: (512) 478-2866 ext. 117



Ventanilla de Salud, Eagle Pass

MCN became the fiscal agent for the VdS in Eagle Pass in 2020 and since then both programs have worked together to bring useful information and resources on diverse health topics to the Mexican community in the following counties: Maverick, Dimmit, Real, Edwards, Uvalde, Zavala and Kinney.

Connect with VdS Eagle Pass on Facebook:

Ventanilla de Salud Eagle Pass is within the Consulate General of Mexico in Eagle Pass, Texas:

2252 E. Garrison St. Eagle Pass, Texas, 78852


 Mirtala Barrón, Ventanilla de Salud Coordinator

VdS Office: (737)825-9819



Ventanilla de Salud, Del Rio

In December 2020, MCN became the fiscal agent for the VdS in the Mexican Consulate in Del Rio, Texas.  VdS Del Rio serves the following counties: Val Verde, Tom Green, Sterling, Coke, Runnels, Irion, Concho, Pecos, Crockett, Scheincher, Sutton, and Terell.  VdS efforts include reaching those who are in need by increasing the VdS presence in the community. The Del Rio VdS, in a community with a high population of Mexican descendants and near the border with Mexico, allows for a very important relationship with health authorities of both countries. We come together to educate and serve both Mexican and US citizens.

One example of the VdS Del Rio making an impact on the health of the local community is the extraordinary efforts to vaccinate eligible people at the port of entry during July and August, 2021. The VdS continues in an ongoing collaboration with the Valverde County Emergency Management to vaccinate all those that want to receive the vaccine in the US. The VdS also works to provide educational materials, information, recommendations, and vaccine campaigns for those without insurance or low income. VdS Del Rio seeks to increase its health outreach by including numerous partners. In 2021, the participation of the Guatamalan Consulate in Binational Health Week made the Del Rio celebration trinational. Such partnerships increase health access for all in the community. 

The VdS Del Rio team travels to San Angelo six times per year and two times to Fort Stockton as a part of the mobile consulate.

Connect with VdS Del Rio on Facebook:

Ventanilla de Salud Del Rio is within the Consulate General of Mexico in Del Rio, Texas:

2207 N. Bedell Ave.

Del Rio, TX 78840


 Ana Marizza Patiño, Ventanilla de Salud Coordinator or

(737) 825-9809