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Health Network

Migration used to interrupt care. Now, Health Network bridges that gap.

Health Network is Migrant Clinicians Network’s award-winning, highly cost-effective virtual case management program
that helps migrants with ongoing health needs to find care at their next destination.


We serve anyone with
an ongoing health condition

who has to move before their treatment is completed. Health Network has served people needing care relating to pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, and much more.



We find care anywhere
in the world.

Since 1995, Health Network has found
care for thousands of patients who have
moved across the United States and
Puerto Rico and to 120 countries.



It saves lives –
AND it’s cost effective.

Independent research on tuberculosis
treatment has found that Health Network
is highly cost effective.



We do more than medical records transfer.

The Health Network Associate builds a relationship with the patient, provides culturally competent support during one of the most vulnerable times in patients’ lives, and helps the patient make essential long-lasting connections in the new community. Health Network finds a clinic at the patient’s next destination, sets up appointments, transfers medical records, and then assists the patient in auxiliary services including signing up for sliding scale fees, identifying local programs and services for which they are eligible, and arranging for transportation to health appointments as needed. 



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Contact Health Network:

(800) 825-8205

(512) 327-2017

Medical and Confidential Fax: (512) 327-6140