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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

Pesticide Reporting and Workers' Compensation in Agriculture Map

State specific criteria for workers' compensation for agricultural workers. Includes information about workers' compensation and undocumented workers.  Provides state-specific pesticide reporting requirements and appropriate surveillance agencies. In 30 states, clinicians are required to report pesticide exposure cases.  Developed by Farmworker Justice and MCN. 

Workers' Compensation Guide

A guide to help health care providers access workers' compensation benefits for agricultural workers. Developed by Farmworker Justice in partnership with MCN.

Workers' Comp Hub

Provides basic information for workers with job-related injuries and illnesses. Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about the Workers' Comp Hub.

Criteria for Workers' Compensation Insurance

Summarizes criteria by state for agricultural workers and workers' compensatons. This table was compiled by Amy K. Liebman, MA, MPH and Matthew Keifer, MD, MPH.

Workers' Compensation Insurance: A Primer for Public Health

Presents basic information about elements of U.S. workers’ compensation insurance programs and the potential to utilize workers’ compensation data for public health purposes.  This guide was compiled by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.