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Health Network: A Care Coordination Program for Mobile Patients

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Migrant Clinicians:
24th annual Premier Cares Award winner

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ICON: Health Network A virtual case management program


Take a look at highlights of MCN's services and programs in action during 2018!

Year in Review 2018

Health Network

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How do you assure continuity of care to a patient who is never sure where or when the next move is going to happen?

Health Network has the answer...

Health Network assures continuity of care and treatment completion by providing comprehensive case management, medical records transfer, and follow-up services for mobile patients. As rapid travel and ease of mobility make it possible to arrive anywhere in the world in a matter of hours and as shifting economic conditions require individuals and families to move in order to stay employed, Health Network has proven to be an easily modifiable patient navigation system with application in disease surveillance and treatment management for any number of injuries, illnesses, or care needs among mobile populations. Independent research on tuberculosis treatment has found that Health Network is highly cost effective.  


“Health Network is a must for all of our diabetic patients, people with tuberculosis, our prenatal patients, and anyone we screen for cancer. In the past, we would have put off doing a mammogram for a woman we knew would be traveling soon, but since the advent of Health Network, we know that we will be able to find the patient and get her in care if necessary.” -- Carolyn Davis, Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. in South Carolina

“The help from Health Network was all I had; I don’t know, honestly, what I would have done without it.” -- Health Network prenatal patient


Health Network Training

Schedule your training today!

Please contact Theressa Lyons-Clampitt, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, at 512-579-4511 or email to schedule a free teleconference training with your site. We feel this is the best way to both introduce Health Network to new staff and to hear about your experiences. We look forward to collaborating with you this year!


Click here for Health Network enrollment.

That’s it…we will take it from there. If your patient moves, Health Network staff will contact the patient to assist him or her with locating a health center in his/her new area, and, if necessary, assist with scheduling an appointment for the patient. Medical records will be transferred, gathered as a result of that follow-up, and forwarded back to the enrolling clinic. Health Network is also a great tool for establishing a patient-centered medical home.


Take a peek at Health Network's accomplishments in MCN's 2018 Year in Review (Available in English and Spanish)


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For more information contact:

MCN Health Network

(800) 825-8205
(512) 327-2017
Medical and Confidential Fax: (512) 327-6140

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