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These files are part of the Engaging Migrant Men project.

MCN developed 3 vignettes that portray the three messages developed in video and printed form.

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These files are part of the Engaging Migrant Men project.

Accompanying discussion guides were created to be used by male peers, community leaders, or outreach workers for one-on-one and small group discussions with men.

Hombres Unidos is a peer-led workshop focused on the primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence (s/ipv) with Latino migrant men.  Developed in 2005 with the support from the Centers for Disease and Control, this five session workshop is implemented using a popular education technique (Paulo Freire) which is a concept that incorporates notions of class, political struggle and social transformation.  

This webinar (sponsored by the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs) focuses on the collaborative development of a primary prevention workshop for Latino migrant men, the evaluation of the workshop, and the continuing effort on engaging Latino migrant men as allies with women in s/ipv prevention after the five session workshop.

After this webinar, participants will be able to identify:

  • methods on how to begin a conversation on sexual and intimate partner violence with Latino migrant men
  • process and outcome evaluation techniques on a primary prevention workshop developed for a specific population
  • efforts to continue to engage Latino migrant men in sexual and intimate partner violence prevention
  • how to incorporate existing efforts with your population

Recording & Materials

During the webinar, Adrian referenced a few handouts that are used in the program.  Below you will find a few of these in Spanish.

This is a one page tool used by community health workers to evaluate individuals for family violence. The tool is designed for use with low literacy populations and uses pictures instead of words to communicate.

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One page tool to use in evaluating the possibility of physical abuse.

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This manual is designed for health professionals and addresses domestic violence from the clinical perspective, with a focus on assisting migrant and immigrant survivors of abuse.
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