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My Health is My Treasure

Diabetes is a common but complicated health condition facing agricultural workers within the United States. To help assist agricultural workers in learning about this diagnosis, Migrant Clinicians Network has partnered with professional artist and collaborator Salvador Sáenz to create “Mi salud es mi tesoro: Un guía para vivir bien con diabetes,” or, “My Health is My Treasure: A Guide to Living Well with Diabetes.” This low-literacy comic book explores the topic through the full-color story of an agricultural farmworker named Goyo, whose recent diagnosis of diabetes prompts him to engage in conversations with other agricultural workers on topics of diet, exercise, and illness prevention while facing the unique hurdles of living a life of migration. The comic book was originally produced in Spanish, and is now available in English below. Please click "Leer en español" above to access the Spanish-language version. 

In order to print the right number of comic books, we are asking organizations to pre-order in quantities up to 500. The comic book and shipping will be paid for by MCN. In exchange, we simply ask that you, or someone from your organization, complete an evaluation of the comic book several months after you first receive it. Information from the evaluation will help us improve our resources and will give us important insight into how the comic book is being used in the community.

Download a digital copy of the comic book below!

Resources on diabetes-care programs including the topics: about diabetes, type 1 diabetes, healthy eating, and blood sugar. Available in Spanish and English.

A flier created by the CDC's National Diabetes Education Program as a guide for patients in the management of medicines to treat diabetes. Available in English.

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Diabetes HealthSense provides easy access to resources to help you live well and meet your goals—whether you have diabetes or are at risk for the disease. Available in English.

Part 5 of the 6 webinar series: Essential Clinical Issues in Migration Health

DATE RECORDED: June 5, 2014
PRESENTED BY: Katherine Brieger, RD and Elizabeth Magenheimer

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Participant Evaluation  

Presentation Slides (PDF)

To receive CME* or CNE credit after viewing any of these webinars you must do the following:
  • Complete the Participant Evaluation associated with each webinar
  • Send an email with your first and last name stating which webinar you completed to

Diabetes continues to be one of the most common and challenging health condition confronting migrants and other underserved populations. It is clear that a healthy lifestyle is critical to mitigating the impact of diabetes on individuals and the population, however effective and appropriate interventions can be difficult to design. Fairhaven Community Health Center in Connecticut and Hudson River Healthcare in New York, are two health centers that have long led the way in creating culturally appropriate lifestyle programs for migrants and other underserved patients. In this session the presenters will discuss lessons learned from the development of a variety of programs for diabetics and other patients including a community garden, nutrition classes, cooking classes, weight management and strategies to encourage exercise. The session will address the clinical core measures related to nutrition and BMI and will also discuss current research test second line drug effectiveness in Type 2 DM. Available in English

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe culturally appropriate diabetes intervention strategies
  2. Identify strategies to address clinical core competencies related to nutrition and BMI to improve quality care.
  3. Receive “take home” examples of how to incorporate effective nutrition, weight loss, exercise and other health lifestyle strategies.



Download the Spanish Toolkit Materials

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse,

Bright Bodies,

This flyer describes oral health for the diabetic.  It is in English and Spanish. 

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To provide the RN with guidelines to assure that the basic elements of diabetes management are taught to patients with diabetes.

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Lesson Plans available in English.

Helping Students with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel.

California's Pregnancy and Diabetes program has a number of  resources on preganacy, nutrition and diabetes. Available in Spanish and English.

High blood glucose levels and high blood pressure can cause problems with your vision, and can even lead to blindness. This patient education handout discusses how these problems can be addressed early on before major damage has occurred.

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Patient education handout that discusses how diabetes affects the mouth and teeth. Available in English.

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Basic A1C information for patients from BD Consumer Healthcare. Available in Spanish and English.

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Basic A1c information from the National Diabetes Education Program.

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A visual tool to use with patients to evaluate A1c results.
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