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Published July 15, 2014

MCN holds the position that immigrant children fleeing violence in their home countries must receive priority consideration for their safety and health. We have provided several links with additional resources on this issue.

New bilingual resource available April 2014!

Student Action with Farmworkers (SAF) has been using theater as an educational tool with farmworkers for over twenty years. By drawing on techniques of popular theater, SAF performs culturally appropriate, lively skits and facilitates theater workshops at farm labor camps. These performances spur conversations about mental and physical health, living and working conditions, and farmworker movements for social justice.

Many of SAF’s performances have focused on health issues, and they aim for this guide to offer dynamic tools for health care providers, educators, outreach workers, and public health innovators. Practitioners can also use these techniques with other populations across the social justice spectrum. For both organizers and educators, SAF hopes that popular theater can bolster the messages and information that you so readily share and provide a dynamic approach to outreach. Resources include songs, scripts, theater games and icebreakers. Printed copies are free, but SAF accepts small contributions to cover shipping and handling ($5-10/copy).


Available in print and online

Contact: Laxmi Haynes , 919-660-3660

Dramatic, visual and culturally relevant, fotonovelas are a successful means of communicating health information. The following fotonovela materials are downloadable. 

Provided by Farmworker Justice

If you would like to signal that yours is a welcoming business, social setting or place of worship, download one of MCN’s window posters and signal to the migrants in your midst, you are welcome here. Available in English and Spanish.

Download Resource

This resource for Outreach Programs provides ideas and resources for how to do outreach in an anti-immigrant climate by addressing specific barriers, providing strategies, and listing resources.It is provided by Health Outreach Partners in collaboration with Quincy Community Health Center, Lorena Sprager and Associates, Migrant Legal Action Program, and attendees from the 2011 and 2012 Western Migrant Stream Forums (WMSF).