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Substance Use Warmline
Peer-to-Peer Consultation and Decision Support
10 am – 6 pm EST Monday - Friday

Free and confidential consultation for clinicians from the Clinician Consultation Center at San Francisco General Hospital focusing on substance use in primary care


Objectives of the Substance Use Warmline:

  • Support primary care providers in managing complex patients with addiction, chronic pain, and behavioral health issues
  • Improve the safety of medication regimens to decrease the risk of overdose
  • Enhance the treatment, care and support for people living with or at risk for HIV
  • Discuss useful strategies for clinicians in managing their patients living with substance use, addiction and chronic pain.

Consultation topics include:

  • Assessment and treatment of opioid, alcohol, and other substance use disorders
  • Approaches to suspected misuse, abuse, or diversion of prescribed opioids
  • Methods to simplify opioid-based pain regimens to reduce risk of misuse and toxicity
  • Urine toxicology testing- when to use it and what it means
  • Use of buprenorphine and the role of methadone maintenance
  • Withdrawal management for opioids, alcohol, and other CNS depressants
  • Harm reduction strategies and overdose prevention
  • Managing substance use in special populations (pregnancy, HIV, hepatitis)
  • Productive ways of discussing (known or suspected) addiction with patients.

The CCC’s multi-disciplinary team of expert physicians, clinical pharmacists and nurses provides consultation to help clinicians manage complex patient needs, medication safety, and a rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

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This archived webinar originally presented by Jennie McLaurin, MD and Tillman Farley, MD, provides an overview of effective strategies to integrate behavioral health into health center operations. The presenters come with many years of experience in providing culturally appropriate and high quality health care to migrants and other underserved populations. This page includes links to other SAMHSA-HRSA sponsored archived webinars in additional topics.

This directory was created by the Education Committee of the Alliance for Latino Behavioral Health Workforce Development. The directory serves as a central repository for a range of academic programs that offer diverse graduate level behavioral health training opportunities with a Latino focus.

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The Health Disparities Collaboratives (HDC), through HRSA - Health Resources and Services Administration, is an integrated and collaborative national effort to eliminate disparities and improve delivery systems of healthcare to all individuals living in the United States under the care of HRSA-supported Health Centers. The Management and treatment of depression is one of the HDC topics.

Professional association of dentists committed to the public's oral health, ethics, science and professional advancement.

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