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1.  New Tobacco Measure: (combining two previous measures)

MEASURE: Patients age 18 and older (1) screened for tobacco use AND (2) received cessation counseling intervention or medication if identified as a tobacco user one or more times in the measurement year or prior year

2.  New HIV cases with timely follow-up:

MEASURE: Patients whose first ever HIV diagnosis was  made by health center staff between October 1 and September 30 and who were seen for follow up within 90 days of that first ever diagnosis


MEASURE: Patients aged 12 and over who were (1) screened for depression with a standardized tool and (2) had a follow-up plan documented if patients were considered depressed


Link to Table 7 from HRSA's UDS reporting manual regarding health outcomes and disparities measures.

Link to some introductory training on quality improvement provided by HRSA and developed by the Morehouse School of Medicine, available as pre-recorded auid and video modules in Real Player software format that cover: defining quality, what to do to improve quality, measuring improvement, and strategies to make quality better.

Module developed by Duke Univeristy and Medical Center Department of Family Medicine which includes essential discussion and tools to assist providers and teams in their quest for QI.The purpose of the module is to help you understand and apply principles and practices of Quality Improvement (QI). It covers: Measures of quality, Models of QI and The differences between QI and research.

The chronic care model for improved outcomes, with visual aid/diagram.