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These image-centric, editable vaccine resources in multiple languages help you reach refugee, immigrant, and migrant communities with important information regarding getting a vaccine as well as safety measures to take after being vaccinated. These colorful flyers, in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole, offer a Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware-specific option to choose from or editable versions for users to insert their own state-specific information such as their state vaccine logo, vaccine sign-up website and phone number, and organization logo. Along with these fliers, MCN has created a simple ‘how-to’ video (see above) for editing the fliers. The original designs for this new resource were created by a staff member of East Coast Migrant Head Start Project who is the daughter of a farmworker, and who had once gone to East Coast Migrant Head Start Project centers herself. The flyers were then adapted by MCN. 

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Los Grandes Tambien se Vacunan

This colorful vaccine calendar comic, updated in 2021 to include the COVID-19 vaccines, gives low-literacy information in Spanish on vaccines and some information on why adults need immunizations, too. Available in high resolution to download and print into poster size.


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