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Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit SPA/ENG

The Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit helps community health workers provide sight-saving information to people with diabetes. The Toolkit is available in Spanish and English and includes a:

  • Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Flipchart to help community health workers educate people with diabetes about eye diseases in a small group setting.
  • Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Module for background information and materials to assist community health workers in using the flipchart.
  • Watch Out for Your Vision! Brochure to distribute to people with diabetes to educate them about eye disease and the importance of getting a dilated eye exam at least once a year.
  • Medicare Benefits Card to promote the glaucoma and diabetic eye disease benefit under Medicare and inform the public about eligibility.
  • Publications Order Form to obtain diabetic eye disease materials and resources for distributing to people in your community.
  • Evaluation Form to share your thoughts and experiences using the Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit.
  • CD-ROM with copies of the module, flipchart and handouts.

Additional materials include a:

  • TRACK Diabetes Magnet (English only) to provide tips to people with diabetes about keeping their health on TRACK.
  • Lo bello entra por los deje que la diabetes cierre esa ventana (Beauty enters through the eyes. Don't let diabetes close the window.) Poster (Spanish only) to remind people with diabetes about receiving an annual dilated eye exam and offer tips about how to control diabetes.