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Five on Friday: COVID-19 and Chronic Stress

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Five on Friday: COVID-19 and Chronic Stress

Another very busy week at MCN is wrapping up. Here, we share five articles that we shared with each other. Peek into MCN staff inboxes with this week’s edition of Five on Friday. Got news or resources to share? We love to hear about them. Share with us on Facebook or Twitter.


People having an argument on politics

Alma (in Massachusetts) shared "Why Researchers are Worried about Chronic Stress and COVID-19.” 

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A clinician putting on PPE

Kaethe offered up new research: “Fear and Avoidance of Healthcare Workers: An Important, Under-Recognized Form of Stigmatization during the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

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A farmworker wearing a bandana and carrying strawberries

Karen shared her discovery of Foodprint, a food advocacy site, which included this summary of agricultural workers’ struggles and a new article connecting food and agricultural workers, COVID-19, and wildfires.

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A map of the US Mexico border

Rob forwarded a timely and upsetting Vox video about El Paso: “The Dark History of ‘Gasoline Baths at the Border.”

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Weekly Win: As MCN has repeatedly put forth, community health centers and community advocacy groups have made unprecedented efforts to support the most vulnerable populations as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Here’s one article celebrating the work of a multilingual team: “COVID-19 is a Danger in Any Language. Minnesota is Trying to Share Information in as Many of Them as Possible.”




Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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