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Five on Friday: #Immigrants Are Essential

Five on Friday: #Immigrants Are Essential

Friday has finally arrived! Here are five resources & reads that MCN staff shared this week as we keep up with the world of health justice. We share tons more throughout the week on our Twitter and Facebook accounts – be sure to follow us there.


A person's foot with sores

You know about the loss of smell and taste, but have you ever heard of Covid Toes? Robert shared this article about painful foot lesions . ‘Covid Toes’ May Be Caused by a Powerful Immune Response, a New Study Finds.

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A person in a grocery store

Myrellis in our Puerto Rico office offered up the New York Times opinion piece that tells it like it is: How the US Dictates What Puerto Rico Eats

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The vaccines shown with oranges and apples

Laz shared MedPage Today’s article, I Got Moderna. Can I Boost With Pfizer?


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A farmworker in the field

Want to share with others what the day-to-day life of a farmworker is like? Kaethe shared PBS’s new Fruits of Labor documentary. From Civil Eats: ‘Fruits of Labor’ Provides an Intimate Look at the Life of a Teenage Farmworker The full-length documentary is available on the PBS site.

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A person prepares a vaccination

Weekly Win: Noel shared the big news: The WHO Recommends the World's First Malaria Vaccine, Saying the Shots Could 'Save Tens of Thousands of Young Lives Each Year'. As a bonus win, for those in the DC area, Jillian recommended a visit to the #ImmigrantsAreEssential exhibit on the National Mall, organized by NILC.




Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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