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Five on Friday: Interconnections and Violence in our Food System

Five on Friday: Interconnections and Violence in our Food System

Pull out the popcorn -- Five on Friday is going to the movies! While not exactly full-length Hollywood blockbusters, we thought you’d enjoy some visual content for this week’s blog post highlighting health justice news that have been shared by MCN staff. Enjoy!


A scene from video linked

Esther shared this hilarious and insightful Jon Oliver episode on misinformation among immigrant communities

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Two people talking

Deliana shared the trailer of First Time Home, a short film now at the Portland Film Festival that follows Triqui youth who travel to Mexico to visit their relatives.

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A screenshot from the recorded webinar linked

Amy highly recommended the Marshfield Clinic Health System’s presentation from Seth Holmes, MD, PhD, on Interconnections and Violence Inherent in our Food System: Strawberries, Immigration & Health.


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Photos of doctors

Candace highlighted the newly added videos to The Conversation, which features videos of clinicians answering common COVID and vaccine-related questions. 

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Views of bodies of water

Weekly Win: Claire applauded the new video from Environmental Defense Fund, which has developed a campaign to push lawmakers to ensure a right to clean water. In this blog post, which features the video, EDF outlines how farmworkers often can’t drink the water from their kitchen sinks, but that community mobilization, education, and funding can make big progress in clean water access for farmworkers despite climate change, agricultural overpumping, and population pressures. 3 Critical Actions for Water Equity in California’s Latino Communities – ¡Apúrense!




Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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