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Five on Friday: Vaccination Protects Workers

Five on Friday: Vaccination Protects Workers

Happy Friday to you! It’s that time again: here are five pieces that were shared by MCN staff this week, including one that’s a double Weekly Win.


A person wearing a face mask

Kaethe forwarded on this troubling article, which features numerous graphs illustrating the disparities in infection rates. The Pandemic Marks Another Grim Milestone: 1 in 500 Americans Have Died of COVID-19

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A woman receives the COVID-19 vaccine

Amy shared a perspective piece, also from the Washington Post, by David Michaels: OSHA’s Job is Protecting Workers. Of course That Includes Ensuring Vaccination.

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A screenshot from the featured video

Learn more about monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 in this article, forwarded by Del: Here's How Monoclonal Antibody Treatments Fight COVID-19, Plus How to Know If You're Eligible


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Equipment spraying pesticide

Candace noted this interesting wrinkle in the chlorpyrifos ban process, from The Intercept: The EPA’s Rationale for Banning Chlorpyrifos May Make It Harder to Eliminate Other Brain-Harming Pesticides

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People in line at the border

Weekly Win: Del sent on this step in the right direction: Turning Back Asylum Seekers is Against the Law, Court Finds. Other positive news includes the introduction of the LIFT the BAR Act – Del shared AAPCHO’s statement on the introduction. 




Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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