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Nominations Now Accepted for 2022 Kugel-Zuroweste Health Justice Award

KZ Award Nomination Announcement

These unprecedented times have revealed unparalleled heroes. Although these valiant healers wear scrubs rather than capes, the clinicians specializing in migrant health face unique challenges in working with such vulnerable populations. The needs of migrants and the demands of the medical system continue to grow more complex, while the support for treating members of this community can often stagnate. Providers are both a check against the system and the representation of hope in health care. In a world without authentic health justice, the recognition for the efforts made by these providers is more critical than ever before. 

That is why Migrant Clinicians Network is looking to honor one such unsung hero—a young clinician whose unmatched compassion is actively making a difference in the lives of migrants and other communities experiencing heightened vulnerability already—with the Kugel-Zuroweste Health Justice Award. Named for Candace Kugel, FNP, CNM, MS and Ed Zuroweste, MD, two innovative, compassionate migrant clinicians, this award seeks to recognize a clinician who, despite being newly in their career, is already actively engaged in the push for health justice. Migrant Clinicians Network includes a wide range of health professionals in our definition of “clinician,” to include Community Health Workers, dental assistants, physicians, nutritionists, nurse midwives, and anyone who supports the health and well-being of their community through their work with a health facility – and anyone who fits under this wide umbrella is eligible for the award.

Do you have a peer or colleague who fits this description of a rising star? Nominate them today! In addition to receiving the prestigious award, the selected candidate will receive publicity through MCN’s considerable network of individuals and organizations serving migrant populations within the United States, as well as a $1,000 check. 

The potential recipient must be nominated by a peer or colleague who can affirm that the individual is still early in their career, and as of yet, unrecognized by any other comparable award or professional accolade. Those wishing to nominate someone should complete the application and compose a brief essay (no longer than 850 words) that explains how their desired candidate meets the criteria for the award, including:

  • The candidate’s educational background
  • How long the candidate has practiced in their current profession of work 
  • What communities the candidate is serving, including with migrants or other communities experiencing heightened vulnerability
  • The candidate’s current practice setting
  • A description of how the candidate embodies the legacy of what the award stands for: courage, compassion, and health justice
  • We encourage applications for candidates representing diverse backgrounds and those who are giving back to their own underserved communities

To ensure your candidate receives consideration, please submit the completed form and essay to by Dec. 31, 2022.

2022 Kugel-Zuroweste Health Justice Award Application Form:

Or complete the form included below: