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Smashing Barriers to Care: Migrant Clinicians Network Looks Back at 2022, Ahead to 2023

A call to support MCN with a picture of migrants walking

We at Migrant Clinicians Network have been busy this year. We connected over a thousand pregnant asylum seekers with clinics and hospitals for prenatal care, after they were released from detention. Thousands of frontline clinicians turned to us for critical training and technical assistance to better serve their migrant and immigrant patients. We engaged hundreds of community members in their community’s mobilization to prepare for climate crises, strengthening the community as a whole and ensuring those who typically are left out are centered in the planning. We advocated for migrants, immigrants, and asylum seekers, farmworkers and meatpackers, vulnerable workers and invisible populations – and the clinicians who are hard at work to serve them in the midst of climate-strengthened catastrophes like wildfires, hurricanes, and heat waves, so they don’t fall through the cracks. This is just a segment of the work we do to build practical solutions at the intersection of vulnerability, migration, and health.  

We can only do this because we have your support. And, in 2023, we need to escalate this work, save more lives, equip more clinicians with the tools and resources they need, build more pathways to health for migrants and immigrants, smash more barriers to care. As the climate crisis barrels forward, the need for MCN’s programs and services has only increased. With Title 42 set to expire, migrants at the border will need our continued help.   

Our end-of-year campaign is wrapping up, but we have not met our goals. Please donate to MCN, and take action to bring health justice to migrants, immigrants, and asylum seekers. We’ve stepped up to address their health needs and remove barriers, to prepare clinicians to serve them better. Now, we need you to step up and support our work.  

Donate to MCN here.