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Five on Friday: World Refugee Day 2022

 Five on Friday: World Refugee Day

This Monday we are recognizing World Refugee Day. For this week’s Five on Friday, we are taking the chance to contemplate where we can better address the needs of refugees and asylum seekers and celebrate recent successes in migration response and those pushing for change.


Refugees in a boat

Robert shared an article from Reason that calls for more Haitian asylum seekers and migrant workers to be allowed legal entrance through existing systems that currently only allow for a small number of Haitians to enter the US. America's Harsh Immigration Restrictions Mean Haitians Drown Trying To Get Here

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People at the Mexican border

Anibal shared a piece from NPR: Mexico issues nearly 7,000 temporary documents and transit visas to migrants which reports on the “caravan” of migrants traveling through Mexico. The transit visas will help these migrant populations, many asylees, begin the regularization processes in Mexico or continue their journey to the US border. 

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The sunrise

A nonprofit in Tuscon, Arizona, is fighting a new enemy: climate change, another story from NPR, was sent in by Amy. Morning Edition highlighted the Colibrí Center’s work to combat climate change to save migrant lives. Climate is inextricably linked to migration as resulting disasters create climate refugees that are forced to take their chances in dangerous, desert routes across the Sonora.


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A separated family

Amy also forwarded a story about family separation among refugees: Thousands of Afghan families remain severed after messy U.S. exit. A lack of data on evacuated Afghani families makes it difficult to reunite these families, and many parents have no idea when they will see their families again. 

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The White House logo

Weekly Win: For our weekly win, we are optimistic about the Summit of The Americas and the L.A. Declaration on Migration and Protection. Promises to accept more asylum seekers and to aid migrants were made by several countries, and we are hopeful that many of these commitments will come true and improve the lives of those that need the most support. Fact Sheet: The Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection U.S. Government and Foreign Partner Deliverables

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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