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Five on Friday: Masks at School Reduce Secondary Transmission

 Five on Friday: Masks at School Reduce Secondary Transmission

It's Friday! Time for our weekly rundown of MCN staff picks of migrant health news and health justice efforts.


Pollution coming from smokestacks

Pollution is deadly. A new analysis, reported by ABC News and forwarded on by Kaethe, quantifies the deaths, before COVID struck – and lists pollution as responsible for more worldwide deaths than tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, or drugs and alcohol. 1 in 6 Deaths Worldwide Attributed to Pollution: Review

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A graph from the featured article

Kaethe also offered up an illuminating new white paper from FAIR Health that reports on over 78,000 people diagnosed with long COVID. Patients Diagnosed with Post-COVID Conditions

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Latinx policing

Robert recommended this new study on Latinx attitudes about policing and public safety in the United States and Puerto Rico, which uncovered that 71% of those polled believe that "having access to affordable, quality health care" would improve public safety. Latinx Perspectives on Policing and Safety


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A wildfire and smoke

Weekly Win: Preventative measures against COVID work! Wilmarí shared a study in Pediatrics that found that “universal masking was associated with an 87% reduction in predicted secondary transmission rates compared to optionally masked districts.” Click the PDF button on the summary page for the full article. School Masking Policies and Secondary SARS-CoV-2 Transmission

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A mother holding an infant hand

Double Weekly Win: Some grieving families are finding solace in the new scientific insights on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which may eventually lead to effective screening and prevention. Ashley-Michelle shared this Newsweek article on the topic. SIDS Breakthrough: Heartbroken Families Share Their Babies' Stories

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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