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MCN Continuing Education Program

MCN Continuing Education Program

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Migrant Clinicians Network is committed to providing high quality continuing education to health care providers who serve mobile and underserved populations. MCN's comprehensive clinical education offerings help to develop excellence in practice, clinical leadership, and the dissemination of best models and practices.


Technical Assistance

MCN's expert clinical team has provided both on-site and distance technical assistance to health centers across the United States. Read more about our TA offerings on our Technical Assistance page.



MCN provides frequent webinars on timely topics for migrant clinicians. All webinars are free and provide continuing education credits. Past webinars are archived and may be viewed at any time. To view a list of upcoming and archived webinars, visit our Upcoming Webinars page. 


ECHO Projects

Migrant Clinicians Network has spearheaded a number of ECHO projects to best utilize limited resources to effectively address the health needs of populations in rural and underserved areas, in areas where both health care accessibility and specialty care for patients, and educational opportunities and networking for clinicians are limited. Learn more about ECHO and MCN’s projects on our Project ECHO page. 


Calendar and Blog

Keep up to date on MCN’s educational programs through MCN’s active blog, Clinician-To-Clinician. Take a look ahead at upcoming educational opportunities from MCN and other public health leaders at MCN’s calendar

Please contact Jillian Hopewell at for further information on MCN's educational program.