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The Witness to Witness Program
The Witness to Witness program (W2W) helps the helpers so they can sustain their vital work.

The Witness to Witness (W2W) Program needs your help to sustain the many programs we offer to frontline healthcare workers who remain under resourced themselves to deliver the quality care they want to provide to the communities they serve.  We hear daily how helpful our approach is to these dedicated but overwhelmed healthcare workers.  In a time in which many feel hopeless, we provide concrete tools to experience “reasonable hope.”

Our programming includes: interactive online seminars, facilitated peer support groups, learning collaboratives, podcasts, many forms of written materials and consultations to healthcare organizations. This comment is typical:

“Each session brought me hope and clarity,
so serving the community felt more attainable”.

The Witness to Witness Program is here to help the helpers. Please consider donating to W2W so that we can continue to help these frontline healthcare workers keep on keepin’ on!

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