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MCN Webinar: What to do When Diabetes Affects Your Mood

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the term mental illness
  • List at least two symptoms of depression
  • Define the HRSA quality measure for depression screening
  • Understand at least one barrier in the control of diabetes and depression

1 - Poor2345 - Average678910 - Excellent
2. The expertise and scholarship of Patria Alguila
3. Your overall satisfaction with this training
4. The webinar presented new areas of knowledge and/or new ideas/methods to implement
5. The webinar contained information at a a level commensurate with my training and expertise
6. The importance of recognizing symptoms of depression as it pertains to a diabetic patient
Your views and opinions are very important to us in providing insight to specific areas of concern that we can address in future trainings. Though it is not mandatory to answer questions 10-13, any feedback is appreciated.

It is important that these numbers are provided as they are required by the state for reporting purposes.

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