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Program Initiatives

Program Initiatives

MCN has over 25 years of experience in developing cutting edge programs designed to foster innovation at the intersection of poverty, migration and health.  Program initiatives at MCN are developed to improve the health of migrants.  Specific topic areas covered in MCN's programs include environmental and occupational health, family violence prevention, immunizations, cancer prevention and survivorship support, and health care access for mobile populations. 

MCN's projects:

  • Provide clinicians with support and resources to improve health access and quality for their patients.
  • Connect with migrants in ways that allow them to take control over their own health.
  • Engage in research to better understand health issues facing migrants as well as effective strategies for improving health.
  • Explore forward looking strategies to assist health centers in reengineering solutions to persistent health care challenges.

Explore MCN's program initiatives in detail to find contacts, spur thinking about solutions in your area, and to find essential resources.