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Taking a Pulse - MCN's Yearly Clinician Poll

Taking a Pulse - MCN's Yearly Clinician Poll
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For the last three years, your responses to MCN’s Taking a Pulse poll have helped us better serve and connect health centers serving immigrants and other vulnerable and underserved populations. The results, cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, and other major outlets, have demonstrated that changes in perception among our patients and clients were widespread.

This year, however, COVID-19 has upended daily life. Now, we must overlay COVID-19 on those access issues. What has changed since our poll was first launched? What has changed in the last year?

Please fill out our short poll -- and share this poll with your colleagues. It is open to any US-based clinician, including health promoters, outreach workers, and community health workers. It is open to first-time poll takers as well as those who have taken our poll in the past. We estimate that it will take you about four to eight minutes to complete.


Perceptions of Patients/Clients

While only your patients or clients can accurately portray their own perceptions, we ask clinicians to relay what they have heard from those you serve about their feelings and
actions on health care access.





Health Needs of Patients/Clients



Changes in the Community or Nationwide

In these questions, we ask you what barriers you are seeing in your community, state, or country that may increase or decrease obstacles to care.





Additional Information

4. Would you like us to contact you to hear more?
11. Are you willing to be contacted by a journalist

If yes, MCN will contact you to follow up on the parameters under which you’d like to be contacted, to assure your needs are met. Please note: MCN will never share your contact information until these parameters are agreed upon. Learn more about MCN’s approach to media inquiries here.


This poll has been paid for by generous contributions from clinicians, health justice advocates, and MCN supporters.
Please support our work on the intersection of vulnerability, migration, and health -- make an individual donation to MCN today.