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“Lessons from the Ebola Crisis” Webinar: Informative, Highly-Rated, and Now Archived

Ebola Webinar

On Wednesday, Ed Zuroweste, MD, MCN’s Chief Medical Officer, led an hour-long webinar entitled “Lessons From the Ebola Crisis: Global Health At Your Doorstep.” Twenty-three days earlier, Dr. Zuroweste returned from Africa, where he worked for several weeks with the World Health Organization to train clinicians to combat Ebola. The webinar focuses on how cultural practices, stigmas, and fears affect the management of infectious diseases. Dr. Zuroweste presents case studies on Ebola, TB, and Chagas, and emphasizes the importance of a culturally-competent, detailed medical history.

Zuroweste TrainingThe webinar’s 180-plus participants gave the webinar stellar ratings and very positive feedback. But don’t worry -- you didn’t miss it: you can already view the webinar on our Webinar Archives page.

Here are some of the comments from webinar participants:

“Outstanding presentation. An obviously knowledgeable presenter who could relay all of the information at a level we needed to hear.”

“Dr. Zuroweste was a great presenter. This was a different aspect of the Ebola situation from all the other trainings and webinars that I have participated in. He made it more personal and more focused on the people than the usual exclusive focus on PPE and statistics. This was my first interaction with MCN and I hope to have more.”

“Interesting cases of Chagas and TB diseases to keep in mind. This was one of the better webinars that I have attended. Dr. Zuroweste's presentation style was engaging. His examples were spot on and were informative. I will be sharing this presentation with my staff to review.”

Ebola Africa Training“I thought this was one of the top webinars I have seen this year. Very informative, not technical.
This was a superbly well organized presentation that tied together the issue of the value of the patient history as it pertains to patients with Ebola, Chagas Disease, and TB.”

“Initially, I was concerned that the discussion on Ebola would be the same thing we have been hearing day after day, but I was pleasantly surprised. Great discussion and content! The webinar was very informative, I will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.”

View the archived webinar here.