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Director of Communications


Since joining MCN in 2014, Claire Hutkins Seda (she/her) has been writing and editing for MCN’s numerous communications and publications from the California office. Seda's work has been published in academic and medical journals, in leading newspapers, and (of course) online. She heads up MCN's active blog and acts as managing editor and lead writer for MCN's in-print clinical journal, Streamline. Her writing has focused on climate change at the intersection of global health and health equity; environmental and social justice; nature conservation and preservation; and local food production and gardening. She has previously worked for nonprofits focused on: land conservation, nature education, and research; fair trade certification and labeling; and the prevention and cleanup of groundwater contamination. She graduated with college honors with a Bachelor's degree in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Outside of MCN, Seda is a prolific writer and is an active community organizer around issues of climate change, pollution, conservation, and environmental justice. She spends her spare time hiking the wild lands of Northern California with her partner and daughter. She also has a productive veggie garden despite the best efforts of a phalanx of gophers and the chilly fingers of the San Francisco fog.