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It’s Your Right to Know: Chemical Safety Webinar, to Help Prevent Illness and Death Among Workers

MCNLast week, at a vinyl petrochemical plant in Mexico, a leak caused a deadly petrochemical blast that killed at least 13 and injured 136 more.  In Norfolk, Massachusetts, an employee suffered facial burns when mixing flammable solutions at a facility that manufactures adhesives and sealants. The week before, a worker was taken to the hospital for burns after a chemical explosion in the power washer machines he was cleaning in Massachusetts. These stories made headlines; what didn’t make the news were the common, everyday chemical exposures that pose significant health threats to workers, and that are entirely preventable: chronic rashes and skin irritations, work-related asthma, lung and kidney ailments. 

This Wednesday, Migrant Clinicians Network equips Community Health Workers (CHWs) with the tools needed to promote chemical safety on the job, with our Spanish language webinar, “¡Es su derecho saber! Ayudando a los Promotores de Salud a promover la seguridad química en el trabajo (It’s your right to know! Helping Community Health Workers Promote Chemical Safety on the Job),” the second in our webinar series for CHWs, presented entirely in Spanish.

All workers have the right to know about the chemicals with which they work -- and CHWs can be an important source of information and support for workers. This workshop will teach CHWs how to help workers protect themselves from chemicals while on the job and what to do in case of exposure. Case studies will demonstrate how chemical exposure can cause both short term and long term health effects. Participants will also receive educational resources to share with workers and their families on how to protect themselves from chemical exposures.

Join us for our webinar:
¡Es su derecho saber! Ayudando a los Promotores de Salud a promover la seguridad química en el trabajo
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 1 pm ET
Register for the webinar and view future webinars in this series here

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