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Top 4 Reasons To Drop Everything and Read the New Issue of Streamline Now

streamline newsletter winter-spring 2017


Streamline is here! And we’re convinced that you should share our slightly-over-the-top exuberance on the publication of the latest issue of our quarterly clinical publication. That’s because this issue has some critical reads for clinicians serving mobile populations. Here are the top four reasons to read up:


  1. Because chlorpyrifos was in the news this week, when the EPA declined to ban it. Read “Edging Toward a Ban, Chlorpyrifos is Once Again Demonstrated to be Dangerous to Human Health” to read about the findings of the EPA’s updated assessment of the neurotoxic insecticide, released months before this week’s decision. 
  2. Because Health Network case studies read like a good novel. In “Expecting a Baby, Experiencing Depression,” Health Network Associate Olivia Garcia recounts the journey of an agricultural worker while she was pregnant and the mental health issues she struggled with for years.
  3. Because agricultural workers need strong protections, as is demonstrated by this case study on a pesticide poisoning on a tobacco farm.
  4. Because MCN interns do amazing things. Jeremy Leake, who was a Health Network intern in the fall of 2016, shares his insight into the program and how it overlapped with his studies in social work in “Serving Patients with Diabetes, Limited Resources, and Lives on the Move.”


What articles did you enjoy from this issue? You can download the entire issue as a PDF or choose to read specific articles on our Streamline Winter/Spring 2017 page.


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