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Five on Friday | May 19, 2017

MCN Five on Friday


Graduation season is upon us, and college students across the country are cramming for final exams. This week, MCN said goodbye to four of our hardworking interns who have learned the ins and outs of working for a nonprofit focused on health justice -- and have provided important support services for our network as well. A heartfelt thank you to environmental and occupational health intern Amber in the Maryland office, Health Network interns Jensen and Glad in Austin, and communications and social media intern Priscilla in California. We are grateful for all your hard work and we wish you the best in your future endeavors!

Now, on we go to Five on Friday. Each week, we present to you a small handful of the resources, articles, and events that we share with each other. What pieces did you read this week that you think we should know about? Let us know on Facebook.


  1. Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, says, “This Washington Post piece exposes the alienation of those left out of the economic recovery who now embrace charity for dental care. It features a dental mission in my community on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. While we are indeed is grateful for a dental mission that helped hundreds, it is alarming to read the comparison of our community to the developing world and underscores the need for comprehensive dental coverage.” 

  2. Corey, Communications and Graphic Designer, shared “Neurobehavioral Effects Found in Children Exposed to Flower Pesticides,” which covers a new study of Ecuadorian children exposed to pesticides sprayed on flowers in the weeks coming up to Mother’s Day -- and how it affects the local children.

  3. Karen, CEO, hopes this isn’t too good to be true: “Sunlight + plastic bottles = clean drinking water in Africa’s largest urban slum.”

  4. Juliana, Environmental and Occupational Health Program Manager, shared the article, “Italian Study Highlights Mesothelioma Risk in Families of Asbestos Workers: New report offers a sobering reminder that living in a household with someone who works around asbestos can be deadly.”

  5. Ed, Co-Chief Medical Officer, stresses the continued importance of taking a good history; he sent along an article about Boston clinicians’ concerns over the exam time allotted to EMRs,  “Death By A Thousand Clicks.” 


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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