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Five on Friday: Pesticide Regulation Protects Workers

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Five on Friday Pesticide Regulation Protects Workers


Some of our MCN staff are very active in sharing news pieces. This week, we had a deluge of information coming out of every MCN office. Here, we share recommendations from five MCNers -- two pieces from each person. A double-header!



1 PRIA 4 Signed into Law


Amy, when sharing the EPA press release on a new law on key pesticide fees and worker protection, said: “This is important legislation that addresses worker protection. We are grateful to Farmworker Justice, Earthjustice, and our other partners who helped ensure farmworker protections were included.” Earlier in the week, Amy had also sent around another article, “A worker dies of toxic exposure in the workplace every 30 seconds.

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2 it's not burnout it's moral injury


Jillian shared this Facebook video on a new perspective on the concept of burnout. Jillian also recommended Clinical Workforce Development’s webinar, “Oral Health: Full Partners on the Team,” on March 21st.

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3 death by a thousand amputations


Candace sent “Death by a Thousand Amputations,” which starts, “In Texas’s Rio Grande Valley—where a third of people have diabetes—an alarming number of people are losing limbs to a disease they can’t afford to manage.” She also offered, “Hurricane Maria had a significant impact on HIV care outcomes.”


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4 cuts to benefits in puerto rico


Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Alma in Massachusetts shared, “More Than 1 Million Puerto Ricans Are Seeing Cuts To Their Food Stamp Benefits”.  She also sent along “Dubious Diagnosis,” which raises questions about prediabetes, in Science.

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5 The billion-dollar smuggling industry


The entire MCN staff spent time talking about border kidnapping, a prominent and terrifying reality for the thousands of asylum seekers who are forced to wait on the Mexico side of the border. Alma in Texas shared one piece that details how desperation leads migrants to be the center of the kidnapping and smuggling trade in Reynosa: “How one migrant family got caught between smugglers, the cartel and Trump's zero-tolerance policy.” She also shared, "Democrats introduce latest version of DREAM Act in effort to put millions on path to citizenship.”


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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