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Five on Friday: Mothers of Missing Migrants

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Five on Friday: Mothers of Missing Migrants

It's June! Five on Friday is here to lead you into your weekend (if you have Saturday-Sunday weekends, that is) with five pieces shared by MCN staff this week. If you don't already, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, where we share all sorts of articles and resources, all week long.


workers waiting for vaccination

Candace shared a Washington Post article chronicling one outreach worker's week in her agricultural town in Northern California: “Five Days, 100 Vaccine Doses, and a Wildfire of Conspiracy Theories.”

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Workers in the field

Karen shared an article focused on telehealth for Merced, California-area agricultural workers that does a good job elucidating the many barriers that workers encounter when trying to access care, the high burden of diabetes on workers in that region, and the promise of telehealth: “UC Davis Co-Launches High-Touch Telehealth Program in the Central Valley for Agricultural Workers.”

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People getting on a bus

Jillian says, “this film is tragic but beautifully done and gives you insight into the world of migration.” From the New Yorker: “Mothers of Missing Migrants Ask, ‘Have You Seen My Child?'"

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A book open

Kaethe shared the Health Affairs opinion piece prompted by the resignation of a top editor at JAMA, that calls out medical journals for "gatekeeping culture” that has led to ignoring racism as a major health issue needing to be addressed: “Medicine’s Privileged Gatekeepers: Producing Harmful Ignorance about Racism and Health.”

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People sitting in tents

Weekly Win: Claire shared a US News article outlining some of the efforts along the US-Mexico border to serve asylum seekers’ mental health needs: “For Migrants, A Hopeful Journey Out of Darkness.”



Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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