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#YoMeLaPuse: New Video & Poster to Celebrate COVID-19 Vaccinations

3 Generations vaccinated

Bright, multigenerational, uplifting, and celebratory, our new #YoMeLaPuse materials will bring a smile to patients’ faces and encourage vaccination in the Spanish-speaking community.  In a short video, Dr. Eva Galvez, a family physician in Oregon, tells viewers, "Yo me la puse,” or “I got it,” followed quickly by family members of three generations looking into the camera, post-vaccine Band-aided arm thrust up, sharing the same phrase, as festive music plays. Dr. Galvez then returns to the picture to remind us that, if viewers have the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19, they should take it. 

“We had been hearing from communities all around the country that they needed simple and encouraging materials with faces that they can relate to,” said Deliana Garcia, MCN’s Director of International Projects and Emerging Issues, who envisioned the campaign, and then recruited her mother and son to participate. “It was a lot of fun putting it together after we had all been vaccinated so that the sentiment was true. I am confident that clinics can use the materials to encourage community members to get the vaccine against COIVD-19.”

Clinics can run the video as an introduction to other video materials in waiting rooms or on their websites. The printable posters can be hung in clinics, community centers, vaccination sites, churches, grocery stores, and other places where the community congregates.

“As vaccinations become more widely available across the country, #YoMeLaPuse reminds us that what's critically important is that it's not just the clinicians who are celebrating these immunizations,” Garcia added. “Our communities will have fewer deaths, fewer hospitalizations – when our community comes together and gets vaccinated, we will be able to gather again, to return to many aspects of our lives that we miss. That's a lot to celebrate.”

The #YoMeLaPuse video is available on MCN's YouTube channel.
The accompanying #YoMeLaPuse poster is downloadable on MCN's website.


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