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MCN Webinar: The Importance of Prenatal Care and the Role of Community Health Workers

Learning Objectives:

  •  Identify the two HRSA performance measures related to pregnancy care
  •  Reflect on the role of community health workers in imiproving access to prenatal care
  •  Identify two unique risk factors for pregnant migrant farmworker women
  •  Analyze the readiness of their own work setting to assist pregnant women to access prenatal care

1- Poor2345 - Average678910 - Excellent
2. The scholarship and expertiese of Candace Kugel, FNP, CNM, MS
3. Your overall satisfaction with this webinar training
4. The webinar presented new areas of knowledge, and/or new ideas/methods to implement
5. The webinar contained information at a level commensurate with my training and expertise
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