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Chief Executive Officer

Migrant Clinicians Network

Karen Mountain, RN, MSN, MBA has served as the Chief Executive Officer of MCN since 1987. In her capacity as CEO, Mountain has translated her extensive experience in health care delivery, business, and research into the development of broader national primary care policy and innovative clinical solutions. Under Mountain’s direction, MCN has grown into a major international presence. Mountain received her Master's degree in Clinical Nursing Practice and Master's in Business Administration from the University of Texas at Austin. At UT Austin, Mountain received numerous awards including the Most Outstanding Student from the School of Nursing. Mountain has served on numerous boards and advisory committees including the Baylor College of Medicine Physician Assistant Program Rural Health Initiative Project, the Primary Care Fellowship Society, and the National Rural Health Association. Mountain has had faculty positions at the School of Nursing, University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Tech University. Prior to her work with MCN, Mountain served as a catalyst for state level health policy development as the Project Director for the Texas Office of Rural Health. Mountain’s participation in public policy decision making and primary care initiatives includes work with both national- and state- based organizations. Beyond her pivotal role at MCN, Mountain is a published author and coveted presenter. Mountain has worked from the North Slope of Alaska to Thailand setting up primary care service delivery models for vulnerable populations and as a medical officer for National Geographic.