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Five on Friday | December 4, 2015

MCNAt MCN offices across the country, we’re bundling up to keep the December chill out. Our thoughts quickly turn to those who live in homes that can’t keep the wind out -- and to those who don’t have homes at all. As clinicians, we know that such circumstances affect health. This week’s Five on Friday showcases the wide range of concerns we have, and how many circumstances affect the health of underserved populations, from the taste of TB medication to access to clean air and wild places. 

1.  From Tiffy, Communications and Graphic Designer: In this video, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka talks about TB medications for kids AND sings at the beginning. 

2. Theressa, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, recommends checking out this video from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative on Interprofessional Collaboration: Lessons from the Field

3. Theressa also recommends next week’s webinar on delivering scientific facts about drug abuse to teens, in celebration of National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. 

4. Candace, Specialist in Clinical Systems & Women’s Health, recommends this “great article about Dolores Huerta and the link between the farmworker movement and environmental justice.” 

5. Claire, Writer and Editor, forwarded on a Reuters article about Treatment Action Group, warning that the Tuberculosis funding gap threatens elimination goals.

Have a safe and healthy weekend. Stay warm!

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