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Five on Friday | June 26, 2015

Five on FridayLet’s celebrate! Three out of five of our Five on Friday selections are clear wins for migrants workers and immigrants in the US, leading to greater workplace protections and better access to health care for many people in this country. 

1. From Kerry, Environmental and Occupational Health Program Associate: Remember our post about carpal tunnel in workers at a chicken processing plant close to MCN’s Maryland office? This week, OSHA issued a number of citations and recommended $38,000 in fines to the plant, calling the ergonomics violations “serious.” “Musculoskeletal injuries are commonplace in poultry processing plants. Plenty of studies demonstrate the negative consequences of this type of work, but few actions are taken to improve worker health and safety. It's heartening to see that companies are being held responsible for the health of their workers,” said Kerry. 

2. More good news, that you likely already heard: Charlotte, Development Coordinator, sent along a celebratory email on the Supreme Court decision upholding health care subsidies provided through the ACA. 

3. Perhaps this next bit of good news will turn into swift action: Claire, Writer and Editor, sent along Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s policy about-face regarding detained immigrant families.

4. On to the not-so-good news front: Amy, Director of Environmental and Occupational Health, was reminded that “enforcement is key and much work needs to be done,” when it comes to Worker Protection Standards. Case in point: this Office of Inspector General report, entitled “EPA Oversight of State Pesticides Inspections Needs Improvements.”

5. Finally, a request for feedback. Candace, Specialist in Clinical Systems & Women’s Health, sent along this draft toolkit from the TB Regional Training and Medical Consultation Centers: TB Toolkit for Community Health Centers/Federally Qualified Health Centers (CHCs/FQHCs). They seek input on the overall content and layout of the toolkit as well as suggestions for additional resources for inclusion or the need for development of new tools. Please click on this link, to provide feedback on the toolkit before June 30th.

Got some good news to share? Send it to us via email, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Have a healthy and safe weekend!

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