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Five on Friday | May 15, 2015

MCN Five on FridayAlthough the blog has been primarily dedicated to our 30 Days/30 Clinicians work, we want to make sure you get your Five on Friday fix. We’ve got lots to share this week. Here are the top five reads that MCN staff would like to offer to you:

1. Candace, Specialist in Clinical Systems & Women’s Health, sent an article written by Helen Chavez, the widow of Cesar Chavez, who shares the recent stories of abuse suffered by women working for Gerawan Farming in Fresno, California. United Farm Workers is currently campaigning for Gerawan to comply with 2013 union contract that UFW says they are violating.

2. Ileana, Senior Advisor for Scientific & Strategic Planning, sent a video about Primary Care for Patients with Complex Health Care Needs: Lessons from LEAP, presented by Michael Parchman, MD, MPH, a member of MCN’s External Advisory Board.

3. Claire, Writer & Editor, sent along the New York Times article that went viral about the realities of nail salon workers in New York City. As a result of the article, New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo implemented emergency measures to help the marginalized, mostly immigrant population.

4. Theressa, Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator, sent on a TED Talk by Tal Danino, on using bacteria to detect cancer.

5. Candace also noted that International Nurse’s Day was on Monday, and the International Council of Nurses offered a toolkit in honor of the day. The theme they created for 2015 was Nurses: A Force for Change: Care Effective, Cost Effective.