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Migrant Clinicians Network on Wikipedia!

MCN on Wikipedia

What’s new in migrant health? Why, a Migrant Clinicians Network entry on Wikipedia! We’re thrilled to see that MCN is featured on Wikipedia, and we invite you to strengthen the page and contribute to our entry!

Why Wikipedia? Wikipedia is the seventh most viewed website in the world, right behind (How did we find out the ranking? From a Wikipedia entry, of course!) The online encyclopedia consistently ranks high in search engine results, and many people consider it to be the internet’s premier source of basic unbiased information on everything from your current location, to historical events, to your favorite cartoon.

Why MCN? Migrant Clinicians Network is an important resource for clinicians and advocates serving the mobile poor. We are proud of our history and our robust programs -- and we are happy to see that our Wikipedia entry reflects that.

Do you have experience editing Wikipedia posts? We invite you to contribute to our post! The more information that is provided by real people citing real sources, the stronger our post will be, and the more useful it will be for future readers. (Content is combed through regularly on Wikipedia, and any information lacking media citations is quickly removed.)

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