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Five on Friday: Keeping Hope

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Five on Friday Keeping Hope


Amidst it all, we still have hope. This week, Deliana, MCN’s Director of International Projects and Emerging Issues, shared a timeless quote on hope from Vaclav Havel, the playwright and dissident who helped topple communism in then-Czechoslovakia to become that nation’s president. Here is just one part of it: “Hope is not prognostication. It is an orientation of the spirit, an orientation of the heart. It transcends the world that is immediately experienced, and is anchored somewhere beyond its horizons...Hope is not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.”  What keeps you hopeful? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Here is our weekly rundown of news in the world of health justice, with articles recommended by MCN staff. The news isn’t always rosy. Keep the hope alive!

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Opioids disaster


Alma shared the NPR piece, “A Rural Community Decided To Treat Its Opioid Problem Like A Natural Disaster.”


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student nurses


Amy forwarded “ALMA-ATA at 40: Time to Expand to Planetary Health Care,” which advocates for the adoption of the term Planetary Health Care and argues why it’s an essential framework in a time of climate change.

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planetary healthcare


Amy also shared an interview with Lisa Schiller, FNP, about the “UW-Eau Claire School of Nursing program that eases that burden for the farmworker while providing valuable experiences for the students.”


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organics prevent cancer



Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Karen, CEO, shared the Environmental Working Group’s statement about the new observational study that shows that eating organic food is “strongly correlated” with a decreased risk of cancer.


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injured by ICE


Claire, Writer and Editor, shared “After ICE detained this migrant in Texas, her C-section scar ripped open and she was denied surgery for 4 months.


Have a safe and healthy weekend.


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