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Announcing MCN’s Updated Mission and Vision

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Since 1984, Migrant Clinicians Network has worked tirelessly to build practical solutions at the intersection of vulnerability, migration, and health -- and we’re ready for the next 35 years. To commemorate our anniversary year and celebrate the important work to come, we have updated our mission and vision. Read our newly updated mission and vision on our page, “Our Story.”

MCN's Updated Mission and Vision

At the beginning of the year, during our annual strategic meeting, all MCN staff -- directors, interns, Health Network associates, program managers, our Chief Officers -- gathered for an inclusive discussion on the language we use to talk about our work. Several key insights were repeated, particularly by our coworkers and interns who serve patients directly, which influenced our final language choices. Here are some highlights from the conversation:

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  • Migration is on the rise, and our work is growing. In a constantly shifting political, social, and physical environment, people around the world are making the difficult choice to move from their home for their and their family’s well-being. Our work, particularly around the climate crisis and emergency management, helps communities and health centers mobilize and strengthen their own resources to prevent displacement. Our new language calls out our dedication to a world where we support the health of people in need: before, during, and after migration.

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  • Poverty is just one form of vulnerability. While poverty remains an unbreachable chasm that restrains millions of people from attaining health and well-being, it is unfortunately just one of many forms of vulnerability. Each burden that patients face -- language barriers, a hostile political environment, climate-fueled disasters -- is influenced by and amplifies other vulnerabilities. In recognition of the broad range of determinants of health, we opted to expand our language from “poverty” to “vulnerability” in our mission statement.

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  • Collaboration and connection with our largely Spanish-speaking patient population aren’t emphasized when Spanish is secondary or even missing in the language we use on our website. Going forward, our logo will be accompanied by “a force for health justice/Somos una fuerza dedicada a la justicia en salud” in Spanish and in English on all materials, to reflect the substantial work we do directly in Spanish. While we have a long way to go before all of our work -- particularly our website’s many pages -- reflects the diversity of language that we see in the migrants and clinicians we serve, our bilingual mission statement is an important step in dedicating ourselves to accessibility and structural equity at MCN.

Our renewed mission and vision reflect our deep commitment to migration health and illustrate our path forward, one where health justice is at the center. Thank you for your support of Migrant Clinicians Network as we move boldly into our next 35 years as a force for health justice!

Please support MCN’s exceptional work in health justice this year by donating on Giving Tuesday. Mark your calendars for December 3rd, an international day of giving celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We will be posting updates, so please be sure to follow us on social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter

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