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Five on Friday: After the Camp Fire

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A photo of the sign for Paradise, California


Today is the one-year anniversary of the devastating Camp Fire. Many former residents of the mountain communities near Paradise, California are still displaced and trying to figure out next steps — you can read about them in “The Camp Fire’s Forgotten Communities,” shared by Jess this week. Claire found new research, also from local university California State University, Chico, that mapped out the Camp Fire displacement, showing thousands of people moving from the affected region to new towns all over the country. Meanwhile, a few hundred miles southwest of Paradise, the Kincade Fire is finally 100% contained. Our hearts go out to those newly displaced by California fires, as well as to those still recovering from past fires. MCN is dedicated to serving the needs of clinicians, including those who serve patients in the midst of disasters like the California fires. Watch MCN’s recent webinar for helpers during natural disasters, called Witness to Witness, on our archived webinar page. Here are five more recommendations from MCN staff, to finish up your workweek:



Radicals await deportation in 1919


Alma in Massachusetts shared a New Yorker piece, “When America Tried to Deport Its Radicals.”

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logo


Deliana shared a new CDC MMWR, “Potentially Excess Deaths from the Five Leading Causes of Death in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Counties — United States, 2010–2017.” that compared urban and rural mortality.

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A photo of young people playing with colored powder


Deliana also shared the viewpoint, “Adolescence: An Opportunity for Population Health.”


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A photo of a custodian mopping the floor of a commercial building


Amy also shared, “Migrant child died after release from detention, attorneys group alleges.”

Jess shared a columnist’s response in the LA Times to an article we ran last week about the Southern California fires and the low-wage workers who were still working in the evacuation zone. “Column: Why did no one warn the housekeepers about the Getty fire?

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A photo of farmworkers working in the field


Weekly Win: Claire shared great coverage on farmworkers affected by the Northern California fire: “As the Kincade Fire Raged On, a Cesar Chavez-Inspired Public Affairs Radio Station Kept Farmworkers Informed.”



Have a safe and healthy weekend.

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