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Health Justice in 2020

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Health Justice in 2020

The world has shifted significantly since the start of this year, and yet, at Migrant Clinicians Network, our core agenda to build practical solutions at the intersection of vulnerability, migration, and health remains unchanged. COVID-19 is not discriminating in who it infects, yet the pandemic has laid bare the underlying inequities of our global health systems. Those who have the resources and connections will have the greater ability to self-quarantine and maintain social distance, and, most critically, to access health care when needed. Indeed, racial disparities in infection and death rates are widespread. In this time of crisis, we must continue to battle the many underlying health concerns, access issues, and barriers to care that migrant, immigrant, and other vulnerable populations experience, to help build a strong foundation of health supported by a community-based network of clinicians. 

In MCN’s 2020 Health Justice Plan, we present the primary avenues through which MCN commits to advancing health justice for the most vulnerable among us. Read our 2020 Health Justice Plan here. It is also available in Spanish, here.



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