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Transformation & Growth: A Message from MCN’s CEO

Transformation & Growth

By Karen Mountain, MBA, MSN, RN, Chief Executive Officer, Migrant Clinicians Network

This year, 2022, is a year of transformation for Migrant Clinicians Network -- and for me. MCN has grown exponentially and is stronger and more innovative than ever, with a vastly increasing impact. We have worked tirelessly over the past few years to bring training, resources, and support to clinicians on the frontline of the pandemic. We launched the Humanitarian Care Network along the southern border caring for the most vulnerable pregnant women and sick children. We built a robust team in Puerto Rico to help marginalized communities prepare for disasters and assist health centers to respond to other critical health needs. We expanded our Witness to Witness program to support clinicians working in stressful and traumatic workplaces. And we’ve done much more.

Amid this work, we were honored to have been recognized for our work with a transformative gift from MacKenzie Scott. Her gift was such an affirmation of MCN’s mission and our achievements. Our world is facing massive and growing problems, and so many of the solutions are mired down by our current political cleavage. We and our network of colleagues remain undeterred. The needs of those we serve just keep growing – and we are dedicated to activating solutions and shepherding them into reality. After 35 years with this wonderful organization and great group of colleagues, I could not be prouder of MCN’s work, which saves lives every day.

Thirty-five years has given me a lot of time to love this work and I am thrilled to know that MCN will continue to flourish and be a force for health justice. For me, 2022 will mark the transformation of my role with MCN ending my tenure as the Chief Executive Officer. It is time for me to explore other parts of my life, to spend time stargazing, reading, traveling -- and celebrating and supporting MCN from the sidelines.

MCN is in a remarkably strong position. Our dedicated staff is pushing forward meaningful, life-changing and life-saving efforts, and MCN as a whole is forging new partnerships and financial avenues so we can continue to be a force for health justice. I believe this is the ideal time for the organization to bring on new leadership. I will be working hard with the board and staff to welcome a new CEO in the coming months. I look forward to working closely with that individual to have a smooth transition over time. Thank you to MCN’s network of clinicians, our supporters and partners, and our donors and funders, for working with me to get MCN to where we are. Here’s to the next 35 years – may they shine on MCN so that this incredible team can grow their efforts in building practical solutions at the intersection of migration, vulnerability, and health. Onward!

MCN has engaged Brakeley Search to help us fill this CEO position. Please refer to Brakeley’s website for more information and details to apply.



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