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November-December, 2009-Get the Lead Out! Resources for Prevention and Treatment of Lead Exposure in Migrant Workers

Mon, 02/08/2010

In this issue

  • Multiple Risk Ractors for Lead Poisoning in Hispanic Sub-Populations
  • New Research Explores Heavy Metal Exposures among Mexican Farmworkers
  • Care for Undocumented Patients: Risk Management Considerations
  • Behavioral Health Care for Mobile Populations: Risk Management Considerations
  • Part II: Vaccine-Hesitant Patients—What’s a Provider to Do?

September-October, 2009-Protecting Patient Privacy: HIPAA and Migrant Patients

Tue, 10/27/2009

In this issue

  • Strategies for Successful Integration of Outreach, Promotora and Clinical Services
  • To Ask or Not to Ask: The Critical Role of the Primary Care Provider in Screening for Occupational Injuries and Exposures
  • Vaccine-Hesitant Patients – What’s a Provider to Do?
  • MCN Receives New Funding for Work on Behalf of Migrants

July-August, 2009--Special Issue on Women's Health

Mon, 08/03/2009

In this issue

  • Improving Prenatal Care for Hispanic Mothers
  • The Teach With Stories Method
  • Where Clinical Care and Community Health Intersect for the Benefit of Pregnant Farmworker Women
  • Cancer and Latina Women
  • MCN’s Mother’s Day Campaign
  • Himno de la Paz
  • Special Project Focuses on Protecting Immigrant Women
  • Good Oral Health = A Good Start for a Healthy Family

May-June, 2009-Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Need to be Vigilant

Wed, 07/01/2009

In this issue

  • Ladders Raise Orchard Injuries, Policy update: Heat-related illnesses remain a significant concern for farmworkers
  • New Findings from the Agricultural Health Study: Possible Association between Herbicides and Pancreatic Cancer
  • The Case For Putting an End to “Building Good Grower Relationships”: Why it is Time to Stop Discriminating Against Our Farmworker Patients
  • Migrant Voucher Programs Provide Needed Services to Farmworkers

March-April, 2009-Working with Hispanic Indigenous Migrant Men from Mexico and Guatemala to Promote Immunization

Wed, 05/20/2009

In this issue

  • Kaiser Foundation Study Shows Community Health Centers Seeing More Patients After Massachusetts Health Reform
  • Acute Pesticide Poisoning Associated with Pyraclostrobin Fungicide — Iowa, 2007
  • Respiratory ailments nothing to sneeze at
  • UC Berkeley Researchers Press for Strengthening of OSHA Lead Standards

January-February 2009-The 2007 San Diego Firestorm

Issue: Emergency preparedness, changing demographics, occupational health
Thu, 02/19/2009

In this issue

  • Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Descriptive Profiles
  • Juana’s Village
  • Private Well-Water Testing in the Yakima Valley Region of Washington State
  • Shelley Davis In Memoriam
  • New Lead Initiative
  • Happy Mother’s Day 2009!

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