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Streamline is MCN’s quarterly clinical publication providing information and resources to frontline clinicians working with mobile underserved populations. We have past issues going back to 2001 available for you to download free of charge. If you would like to receive the print version of Streamline, please send your name and mailing address to

Streamline is reviewed by MCN's Streamline External Editorial Board. Learn more about the Board and its members here.

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November-December, 2009-Get the Lead Out! Resources for Prevention and Treatment of Lead Exposure in Migrant Workers

In this issue

  • Multiple Risk Ractors for Lead Poisoning in Hispanic Sub-Populations
  • New Research Explores Heavy Metal Exposures among Mexican Farmworkers
  • Care for Undocumented Patients: Risk Management Considerations
  • Behavioral Health Care for Mobile Populations: Risk Management Considerations
  • Part II: Vaccine-Hesitant Patients—What’s a Provider to Do?
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March-April, 2009-Working with Hispanic Indigenous Migrant Men from Mexico and Guatemala to Promote Immunization

In this issue

  • Kaiser Foundation Study Shows Community Health Centers Seeing More Patients After Massachusetts Health Reform
  • Acute Pesticide Poisoning Associated with Pyraclostrobin Fungicide — Iowa, 2007
  • Respiratory ailments nothing to sneeze at
  • UC Berkeley Researchers Press for Strengthening of OSHA Lead Standards
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May-June, 2009-Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Need to be Vigilant

In this issue

  • Ladders Raise Orchard Injuries, Policy update: Heat-related illnesses remain a significant concern for farmworkers
  • New Findings from the Agricultural Health Study: Possible Association between Herbicides and Pancreatic Cancer
  • The Case For Putting an End to “Building Good Grower Relationships”: Why it is Time to Stop Discriminating Against Our Farmworker Patients
  • Migrant Voucher Programs Provide Needed Services to Farmworkers
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July-August, 2009--Special Issue on Women's Health

In this issue

  • Improving Prenatal Care for Hispanic Mothers
  • The Teach With Stories Method
  • Where Clinical Care and Community Health Intersect for the Benefit of Pregnant Farmworker Women
  • Cancer and Latina Women
  • MCN’s Mother’s Day Campaign
  • Himno de la Paz
  • Special Project Focuses on Protecting Immigrant Women
  • Good Oral Health = A Good Start for a Healthy Family
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September-October, 2009-Protecting Patient Privacy: HIPAA and Migrant Patients

In this issue

  • Strategies for Successful Integration of Outreach, Promotora and Clinical Services
  • To Ask or Not to Ask: The Critical Role of the Primary Care Provider in Screening for Occupational Injuries and Exposures
  • Vaccine-Hesitant Patients – What’s a Provider to Do?
  • MCN Receives New Funding for Work on Behalf of Migrants
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January-February 2009-The 2007 San Diego Firestorm

In this issue

  • Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Descriptive Profiles
  • Juana’s Village
  • Private Well-Water Testing in the Yakima Valley Region of Washington State
  • Shelley Davis In Memoriam
  • New Lead Initiative
  • Happy Mother’s Day 2009!
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