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Health Center Recruitment & Retention Review Tool

Health Center Recruitment & Retention Review Tool

For an in-depth evaluation and improvement approach to a health center's recruitment and retention policy, MCN developed the Recruitment and Retention Review Tool. The primary purpose of the R&R Review Tool is to assess health center readiness to recruit and retain high quality clinical staff and to identify areas requiring improvement. The RRER has different aspects, which can be selected depending on need.

A 15-item Health Center Self-Assessment has also been developed, to be used by health center leaders in order to arrive at a score reflecting their level of preparation for responding to clinical recruitment and retention needs in their setting. Results of this brief survey can indicate whether the health center may need technical assistance in this area.

The larger R&R Review Tool contains guidelines for health centers in the development, improvement or modification of a recruitment and retention plan. It is designed to be used in the context of a technical assistance site visit. MCN clinical staff piloted this process with two migrant health centers in 2003. Prior to the on site visit, a preliminary telephone meeting with the CEO provided background information about the health center's staffing and perceived needs. During the one-day visit, the two reviewers met with key leaders, including CEO, Medical Director, and HR Director, and conducted one-on-one interviews with as many clinicians as were available. A written report was provided after the visit, which included a summary of the center's current status, strengths, and recommended actions for improvement of their recruitment and retention efforts. Both were provided with resource materials as needed, such as an orientation checklist, clinician effectiveness review form, staff satisfaction survey, and sample credentialing and privileging policy.

Following the pilot of this review process, the tools have been revised and are ready for distribution. Health centers are encouraged to do the brief self-assessment and to contact MCN for technical assistance if needed. Clinical and education staff is available to provide various levels of technical assistance for recruitment and retention initiatives, as well as clinician orientation and development.

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