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November - December, Celebrating a Career Devoted to Caring for Migrant Farmworkers

Issue: Volume 16, Issue 6
Tue, 12/14/2010

In this issue

  • Study Finds that Dental Literacy is Not the Problem
  • Pesticide Handler Health Risks, Practical Solutions and a Safety Climate- Lessons from Washington State
  • Childhood Agricultural Injury Rates Continue to Decline

September - October, Distinguished Speakers at 2010 National Summit of Clinicians for Healthcare Justice

Issue: Volume 16, Issue 5
Thu, 09/16/2010

In this issue

  • Potential Health Outcomes of Being Undocumented and Homeless: Stories from the field
  • Tenth Annual Binational Health Week
  • Ventanillas de Salud Open a Window to Global Health
  • The National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures

July - August, 2010-A Shot of Quality Improvement!

Issue: Volume 16, Issue 4
Wed, 08/04/2010

In this issue

  • Quality Improvement in Action: An immunization case study
  • Survey of residents on northwest orchard community shows high levels of perceived pesticide risk and lack of pesticide training
  • EPA settles lawsuit challenging rules allowing pesticide tests on people
  • Contracts and cooperative arrangements for specialty careFarmworker Immigration Law- Legislative and regulatory update

May - June, 2010- To IRB or not to IRB- Can there be any Question?

Issue: Volume 16, Issue 3
Thu, 05/20/2010

In this issue

  • Neurobehavioral Effects of Pesticide Exposure in Children
  • Results of the Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Descriptive Profiles Project
  • EPA Moves to Terminate All Uses of Insecticide Endosulfan To Protect Health of Farmworkers and Wildlife
  • The 2010 National Summit of Clinicians for HealthCare Justice

March-April, 2010-Healthcare Providers’ Role in Strengthening Regulations and Preventing Pesticide-Related Illness in Farmworker

Issue: Volume, 16, Issue 2
Tue, 04/27/2010

In this issue

  • Meeting the Needs of Patients with Limited English Proficiency: Guidelines for Federally Funded Healthcare Providers
  • The Vocation of Migrant Health
  • A Cultural Meaning of Sexual Risk Among Latino Adolescents in North Carolina

January-February, 2010-The Development of Migrant Specific Performance Measures

Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1
Wed, 03/17/2010

In this issue

  • Building Infrastructure in Guatemala through Community-Academic Partnerships
  • A Model for Training Clinicians for Community Health Centers 
  • How to Avoid Musculoskeletal Disorders

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