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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

MCN stands ready to provide technical assistance in a wide variety of areas to clinicians and clinics serving the mobile poor.

Because technical assistance is in large part driven by the needs of clinicians requesting assistance, it is difficult to anticipate future areas of concern. Accordingly, MCN must be prepared with internal staff resources, a cadre of migrant health experts, a supplemental list of supporting contacts, and a library of technical assistance material to handle the requests as they arrive. MCN is well prepared to research any topics for which materials are not available on-site.The response to technical assistance requests that MCN provides differs significantly depending on the information sought.

MCN’s ability to respond quickly and efficiently to information requests on a broad range of topics improves the medical care the MHCs are able to provide to their patients. By turning to MCN for assistance, clinicians are able to save valuable time and energy that they can focus on treating their patients.

If you need any assistance please contact MCN at 512-327-2017 or and you will be directed to the appropriate staff person.