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Grant Accountant
Migrant Clinicians Network

Brian Chick (he/his) found his passion later than expected: he is good at accounting, and his people are nonprofit people. Once those two things came together, it was obviously grad school and a few tours of duty in public accounting (a little taxes and a lot of audits), before he could come home to working for an organization that does good work in this world. As luck would have it, MCN turned out to be the nonprofit for him. 

Brian works remotely from his home in Guanajuato, Mexico. After four years, starting with “Sesame Street Spanish,” his Spanish is improving little by little. Fortunately, his bilingual partner is here to keep him out of any larger troubles.  When not working or studying, he loves yoga, meditation, and soup. In the summer and autumn, he returns to see his parents in his rural hometown of Farmington, ME, and his friends in Montpelier, VT. He never tires of those familiar views from the tops of the mountains and foothills at the end of the Appalachians.